Our work adheres strictly to conservation guidelines of the Cape Cod Conservation Commissions.

SWS Services is fluent in the requirements and conditions of the Conservation Commissions of each of the lower Cape towns.

We will gladly assist you throughout the permitting process for your projects, including the necessary paperwork and attendance at hearings.

We understand that Cape Cod has its own unique landscape,
one that defines it as a place of immense natural beauty.

Our projects frequently require the removal of invasive species to ensure the stability of the Cape's indigenous plants. 

Utilizing environmental planting techniques that guarantee low-impact on the area's fragile water supplies and habitats, we are experienced in the removal of the undesirables and replanting with a wide variety of native species from grasses to trees.

Restoration of meadowlands with native grass and wildflower fields, including coastal stabilization projects, are a prime focus of SWS services.

We are in-tune with the many Cape Cod properties boasting
breathtaking views of ocean, bay, lakefront or open space.

If your vista of the Cape's natural beauty could be enhanced by the pruning of existing trees, shrubs or undergrowth, SWS Services can help!

With approval from the Conservation Commission in the designated town, SWS Services can work within their guidelines to improve your existing view of your piece of Cape Cod heaven.